A well-made whiskey cocktail is the best way to relax after a busy day. Citrus is the ideal partner to whiskey, and a hint of woody rosemary completes the picture.
A bottle of vodka is the basis for any number of cocktails that can be made using local, seasonal fresh ingredients.
Most of us don’t carry a whole bar when we’re out and about – just a bottle of your favourite is enough to create plenty of cocktail options. If gin’s your thing, try some of these delicious drinks ideas.
Nourishing and refreshing, this tea makes use of the fresh dandelion flowers that grow everywhere. Said to be good for your liver and kidneys, dandelions are great for detoxifying and even reducing stress levels.
Blueberry and thyme are the most delicious combination, especially when mixed into a gin. I used Greenall’s Blueberry London Gin for this drink, but many of the flavoured gins will work well here.
Give your basic wine spritzer a bit of a zing with the addition of fresh herbs. The citrus and lime top notes of a good Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for this drink that you can enjoy when parked up on a sunny afternoon.
The silly season is upon us; time to rock out the bubbles! Champagne cocktails are delicious as a festive party starter. The recipe also works well with sparkling wine or prosecco. If possible, use fresh lime juice in this drink; it makes all the difference!
Citrussy and slightly sweet, the French 75 Cocktail dates back to World War I, and is a great alternative to the mimosa on Christmas morning.