Tequila Tempters

Tequila has a rich history and an even richer flavour. Try it in a cocktail, or enjoy it on its own for the very special drink it is.

A bottle of tequila on board is the start of many a delightful cocktail. This distilled spirit made from blue agave ranges from clear to light or vibrant gold in colour. While the clear, unaged spirit is often used in cocktails, the aged version (the darker the gold, the more aged it is) is more commonly enjoyed neat.


This cousin of the classic margarita uses grapefruit instead of lime.


  • 60ml tequila
  • 30ml lime juice
  • 15mls simple syrup
  • 100ml fresh grapefruit juice (carbonated if preferred)
  • soda water


Mix tequila, lime juice and simple syrup in an ice-filled glass. Add grapefruit juice and top with soda water. Serve with a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of mint.

Fun Fact

Tequila and art go hand in hand. The most expensive tequila in the world is Tequila Ley .925 Diamante, which comes in at a whopping $5.65 million, thanks to the decanter that is set with 4,100 perfect white diamonds.





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