This cake is a great introduction to using olive oil in sweet dishes. It has a beautiful texture and is great served by itself, with mascarpone or even whipped ricotta.
Food is at the heart of many celebrations and these deliciously achievable recipes by Vanya Insull are the perfect inspiration for any occasion
Delicious food is always a joy, and it’s even more satisfying when it’s good for you! This healthy recipe can easily be made on the go.
A hybrid of my two favourite things: French toast and crumpets. To turn it into something more substantial, you could pop a fried egg or some fried tomatoes – or both – on top and call it dinner.
Like many popular recipes, everyone has a banoffee pie secret ingredient. This one is in the biscuit base; these buttery biscuits make the meanest pie bottom you’ll ever taste.
Surely one of the simplest desserts, these can be made in a frying pan or on the barbecue. Add a dollop of ice cream or a swirl of caramel sauce to really take this devilish delight to the max!
No camping trip is complete without a delicious marshmallow dessert! This simple Rocky Road recipe is a good one to have when you’ve got friends and neighbours over – it’ll be hoovered up in minutes.
Perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, this is a great way of using up ripe bananas for a sweet snack that’s easy to prepare and even easier to eat!