Kampa’s range of inflatable awning systems should perhaps be labelled ‘Argument Mitigation Devices’. They’re easy to put up, endlessly modular and, without all those poles you usually have to wrangle, save on transit weight.
If you’re expecting extra guests at your camping spot this summer, there are plenty of fantastic bits of kit that can remain stowed out of the way until needed, making sure everyone is accommodated for.
Nothing will make you feel like you’re truly experiencing the great outdoors like gathering around the campfire to rustle up a rustic meal. Regardless of how simple, or how swish, the dish, the smoky flavours and the sense of achievement will sharpen your appetite like nothing else.
Camping during the Christmas break was not on the radar for Trade-A-Boat’s sales manager Jo Lomax, but when a friend suggested a long bike ride she couldn’t resist and the long-term caravanner is now a canvas convert.
When we displayed the Quando folding electric bike at the Covi Motorhome, Caravan and Outdoor Supershow, it was an overwhelming success. For those who missed out, here’s the lowdown on this zippy little traveller.