You’ve got the power


These two breakthrough products will completely change the way you power up your motorhome or caravan.

Finding solutions that provide the capacity of power you need for your motorhome or caravan can be a challenge. Over the past few years, there has been several significant advances in the technology for batteries and portable power. These two new products from Enerdrive and EcoFlow will totally transform your camping experience.

Power up your battery

You won’t know yourself after making the switch from a regular 12V AGM lead acid battery to a 12V/200AH Enerdrive B-Tec lithium battery. While lithium batteries do cost more upfront than their lead acid counterparts, they are well worth the investment for the significantly longer battery amp hours, allowing you to run more devices and to stay off grid for longer. Not only are they lighter and more efficient than lead acid batteries, but Enerdrive B-Tec Lithium batteries are also fast to charge from mains power, solar or a DC to DC charger.

Designed for New Zealand conditions and deep cycle applications, Enerdrive B-Tec Lithium Batteries can be used to 80% of their capacity, compared to 50% in a standard lead acid battery. They also have a longer life cycle than lead acid batteries with more than 2000 cycles (based on 80% consumption). The cycle life of a battery refers to the number of charge and discharge cycles a battery completes before it loses performance.

While lithium batteries do cost more upfront, they are well worth the investment

Should you accidentally drain the battery to zero, the battery features a built-in reset button so you can easily restart a flat battery. The Enerdrive B-TEC series including the Enerdrive B-Tec G2 Lithium Battery with Bluetooth Monitor 12V/200AH are second generation “smart” batteries featuring a smartphone-based monitoring system that measures battery capacity, voltage, current and state of charge, to allow you the freedom to focus on the fun things like enjoying the outdoor.

Power To The People


Perfect for off-grid adventures

Power without limitations

EcoFlow Portable Power Stations provide the backup power you need when off grid and additional power for all your devices so you are never without power. The EcoFlow River Portable Power Station provides 600W of power – with super fast recharging from 0 to 100% in two hours (from a mains AC outlet). Power up from mains, battery or via the EcoFlow Portable Solar Panel 110W, the River comes with two AC outlets with a built-in 600W inverter and can power devices up to 1800W.

This provides power for a wide range of essential devices such as fridges, TVs, laptops and even hairdryers. When you need power for a sustained period of time, opt for the EcoFlow Delta MAX Portable Power Station 2400W/2016Wh. This compact power station is perfect for your off-grid adventures, tiny homes or sleepouts and emergency back-up power. The Ecoflow Delta Max has an AC Max input of 2000W and will work with power-hungry appliances such as microwaves, portable heaters and electric kettles. It can be hooked up to solar power and has a controller that allows you to monitor power usage and charging – to make your camping life easier.

Both of these revolutionary products are available at RV Super Centre in Māngere, Christchurch, Queenstown and online at, where you’ll find friendly experts to help guide you on what is best for you. Also, visit us at Hall One at the SuperCovi Show at Auckland Showgrounds – 17-19 March!


Enerdrive power solutions for every vehicle
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