If interior space is important but you’re looking for a touch of European class and a motorhome built on a robust chassis, the all-new 2023 Jayco Optimum MS.24-4 could be just the ticket, writes Randall Johnston.
Paul Owen reviews a motorhome that took its name from the bravest of animals, that shows as much dedication to excellence as its namesake.
With a proud German history, the Carado T459 has a lot to offer the discerning motorhomer. MCD reviewer Paul Owen takes a deep dive into this luxury vehicle.
The Navigator is the motorhome equivalent of a Range Rover or a Toyota Land Cruiser among SUVs. It delivers impeccable build quality in a refined package, with some outstanding driving dynamics and ease of use. From river crossings to freedom camping, this smart all-rounder will take you anywhere, writes Paul Owen.
If interior space is important but you still want a motorhome built on a reasonably compact chassis, Randall Johnson says the all new 2022 Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 is definitely worth a closer look.
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