Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review

If interior space is important but you still want a motorhome built on a reasonably compact chassis, Randall Johnson says the all new 2022 Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 is definitely worth a closer look.

There are three different layouts in the Fiat-powered Conquest motorhome range: the FA24-4, FA25-1 (4 berth) and the FA25-3, which is a 2 berth. I was lucky enough to be given a tour through a very tidy demonstration model of the FA25-3 with an Optimum upgrade package, and it’s clear that attention to detail, smart design and modern stylings are reaching their apex with this model.

On first inspection, the Jayco FA.25-3 Conquest with Optimum upgrade looks great from the outside. Jayco Canterbury general manager Tony McWhirter says he was also impressed with the 2022 version of this motorhome when it first landed at the Christchurch dealership in March this year. “People walk in and say, wow there’s so much room in here! It’s amazing just how much more spacious this makes it,” Tony reveals.

The first thing that you notice on the new Optimum is the huge awning; it looks promising…but more on that later! First impression on entry is that this is a modern and spacious unit with everything you need for life on the road.

Jayco vehicles use the more powerful 180hp. Its 2.3-litre Fiat (180 Multijet) engine has plenty of power and more horsepower than most motorhomes of this size. They are a bit heavier than European makes too, so have a bigger powertrain setup. The 2022 Optimum comes complete with an upgraded dashboard, fog lights, and ‘piano black’ grill. Another standout feature from Tony’s perspective is the ‘double-width slide out’ (where part of the exterior of the caravan is built out further in the shape of a bay window, to give the dining room and bedroom an additional 60cm); more on these in the dining and bedroom sections below. Dual reversing cameras (in addition to 360 degree cameras) allow peace of mind when reversing or navigating tight spaces at the camping ground or at home.

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
The dining area is spacious enough for a fairly large group


The Optimum’s layout is intuitive and simple yet very practical and functional. cupboard and storage space has been made a priority, which will be appreciated by those wanting to keep everything in order when touring. The driver and passenger cabin is modern and not too tight space-wise, with the ability to change devices and superb visibility. With the kitchen and dining room at the front of the camper, bedroom in the middle and bathroom at the rear – again it’s got a good flow and light and fresh air are all brought in via the large windows and sunroofs.

The onboard control module just inside the front entrance gives you easy access and full control over all on board functions. Top brand appliances, an inviting interior, high level specifications and the designers simply giving everything its own space will be appreciated by those who may have looked at a few alternative motorhomes in this size category.

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The dining area is very spacious for a 2-berth, and having the 60cm added as a bay window-style section extending out from the exterior of the body adds a lot of space and really makes a difference here as well as in the bedroom area.

The dark grey seating gives the dining area a very modern yet classic style. The dining seats are comfortable and the space between the adjustable dining table and seat is…let’s call it ‘realistic for those of us who enjoy the occasional pie’! Also included is the mandatory air conditioner, for warmth in winter and cool air in summer. There are plenty of traditional and USB power points and the blue and white (night and day) lights are a welcome addition.


Appointed in the front of the caravan, the kitchen includes a 4-hob Dometic stovetop, grill and full-size oven with pulldown top over the hob, giving you even more bench space when the hobs aren’t in use. The kitchen bench is comparably large and certainly functional; this space really does have everything you need to make meals that will rival those prepared in a full kitchen at home. The addition of a fullsized Sphere microwave helps too. The kitchen and stovetop area is well lit, with powerful fan extraction to keep the caravan cool and ventilated while preparing your family feast. The fullsize stainless steel sink with a dedicated drinking water spout that runs through a filter is always good to see, as it’s a fairly luxurious inclusion. The full-height, Thetford refrigerator and freezer is muchmore useful for a family than the more common half-size units. A smoke alarm, gas detector and fire extinguisher all come as standard safety features here.

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
The kitchen includes a full size stainless steel sink


The loft above the drivers cabin is very spacious and is ideal for use as an additional storage area. The removable, sturdy ladder is also appreciated as anyone who regularly ascends or descends one knows well.

However, the main bedroom is where this motorhome really shines. It’s huge compared to others in this 25 foot category; it’s hard to believe that just a 60cm build-out on the exterior can add so much on the flip side. Motorhome designers stand up and take note, this is gold and in my view should be incorporated more often. Stability has not been compromised here to achieve this, with all sides still perfectly balanced when on the road.

The mattress is very comfortable, and ventilation has been well factored in up here, with large windows on either side. Storage space has been cleverly tucked in, as well as charging ports and two-stage reading lights on each side. There are a few handy soft-close storage drawers nearby and indeed throughout the unit, as well as storage underneath.

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The main bedroom itself is generously sized with large windows on either side and a large sunroof bringing in plenty of light. Double glazed windows are a welcome addition throughout.

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
The main bedroom is big with large windows on either side and a large sunroof
Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
The loft above the drivers cabin offers plenty of extra storage space


The generous full-size shower is well appointed at the rear of this motorhome and the Thetford toilet is well positioned with heaps of room between the shower, toilet and vanity, a design consideration that is always welcome. Powerful extractor fans in the shower and bathroom/toilet area helps to keep other areas moisturefree. Add a Sphere top-loading washing machine, tucked away nicely in the bathroom, which can fit 3.3kg of soiled gear, and you’re well on your way to a comfortable and clean trip.

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
The generous full-size bathroom is well appointed at the rear of the motorhome
Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
The motorhome comes with a full-size shower


The traditional white, black and grey colour scheme on the exterior keeps the vehicle classic yet modern, and the Optimum ‘Thunderbolt’ livery is fairly striking. Two power points on the exterior are a very welcome addition; a great way for camping families and groups to use all the facilities and make the most of the great outdoors at each destination on the tour. Storage and luggage space has been factored into the exterior design too, with a couple of small exterior storage spaces for a power cord and waste hose.

And as promised, now we get to the awning…well. That’s what makes the Optimum perfect for a truly outdoor/ indoor experience. Extending a full 2.4 metres, you can set up your own outdoor area and really make yourself at home. The extra dry space makes this vehicle perfect for long stays, or for when you strike a long period of rain and need that additional shelter. And, as long as you’re in range, you can pull out your smartphone or tablet and hop onto the app to pull out the awning.

This motorhome has been fitted with two 180 w solar panels, plus a rechargeable 12v lithium battery so you can take your adventures even further off the grid.

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
The extra dry space makes this vehicle perfect for long stays, or for when you strike a long period of rain


The 2022 Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 is a modern and well-designed caravan from a highly trusted Australian manufacturer. The layout is super-functional, safety has been made a priority and more than a few high-end features come as standard.

The addition of a full size refrigerator, full size oven and exterior entertainment options (and that app-controlled awning) add to an already attractive package and makes this unit well worth considering for those in the market for a 25-footer with more than a touch of wow factor.

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Review
Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 floorplan – click to expand

Jayco Optimum FA.25-3 Specifications

Body Length

7990 mm

Travel Height

3225 mm

Interior Height

2100 mm

Travel Width

2390 mm

Tare Weight (subject to options fitted)

3840 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)

4495 kg

Towing capacity kg (ball weight/overall)

100 / 1500

Price as reviewed: $215,300

For more information, visit jaycocanterbury.co.nz.

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