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Camper entertainment is experiencing a huge rise, with smart TVs leading the way in must-have technology. We took a look at a mobile-specific 12 volt TV that ticks all the boxes for people on the move.

Taking your house on the road used to mean going without many of the creature comforts you get at home. While RV- friendly TVs have been available in the past, they’ve usually been pretty basic affairs. Things are changing; however; people want more connectivity in their RVs, and don’t want to compromise on quality or options. These days, we want it all.

And we can get it too, according to Duncan MacMillan of Apollo Entertainment in Whangaparaoa on Auckland’s North Shore. “RV owners are used to having Netflix, TVNZ+, Neon and all the other streaming services they can get on their home TV. They want to be able to look at the videos they made on their phone that day, or to look up how to fix something on YouTube; even to play music from Spotify,” he says. “Basically, they want a TV that has the same capabilities as the one they have at home.”

Enter the Avtex TVs, a user-friendly smart TV that does all the above and more. It utilises WebOS Smart TV software, a smart TV operating system that’s set up to allow control and access to more advanced features and connected devices. Generally considered to be one of the best smart platforms, the Avtex range is easy to use; just download the apps you want, and away you go.

“The WebOS connected TV range is a technological leap for TVs in the RV industry – and they are selling fast; four times faster than the TVs we had last year. The market is huge; Avtex makes 250,000 TVs a year for the worldwide RV market alone,” says Duncan.

Most campers these days are designed to have space for a TV, and there are a range of sizes available so there’s something to suit every vehicle. Avtex TVs are available in 19, 22, 24, 27 and 32 inch screen sizes, with a 39 inch coming soon. “You’ll have to have a pretty big RV for that one!” says Duncan. Prices start from $1,050 for the 19 inch.

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Unlike your TV at home, this TV is built to survive the roads; Duncan recalls one notable occasion when an Avtex TV was recovered from an RV that had rolled three times. “Unfortunately the campervan didn’t survive – but the TV did!” he says. “They are built to be pretty bulletproof, which is what you want when you’re travelling. They are also lightweight, with the 19 inch TV and stand coming in at just 2.7kg.

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Avtex TVs have been designed and developed to make a seamless transition from home to campervan. Easy to set up, use and store, they are pre-tuned and pre-tested by Apollo, and can be installed by your local dealer.

With both digital and satellite tuners, it’s possible to get both terrestrial and satellite channels. Netflix and YouTube – the world’s second-largest search engine –are pre-uploaded by Apollo, and all the streaming platforms are available; you’ll just need an internet connection, which can be anything from the campground wifi to a hotspot from your phone. For Sky, you’ll also need a satellite dish and a Sky TV card or you can share SkyGo from your phone to the TV.

These TVs also provide the option to mirror cast or Apple airplay. For mirror casting, open the app you want to play on your phone and open Smartview. From there, choose your TV as your screen and play anything you like directly from your phone. It’s a great way to show the family what you’ve been up to!


Don’t worry about draining your battery; these TVs are made to use a very low amount of power. “They are multi-voltage, and turn off completely when you’re not using them,” explains Duncan. “There’s also an on-screen battery meter and a low battery indicator so you don’t lose power just as you get to the best bit of what you’re watching.” There’s even a timer record option from the programme guide so you won’t miss your favourite show.

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One of the top complaints from campers is that they don’t always want to watch the same thing. An RV can be a very enclosed space, and it can be tricky to get a good night’s sleep when your partner has the rugby on full-blast. “Avtex has spent quite a bit of time making sure the audio is up to speed,” says Duncan. “These TVs have Bluetooth 5.2 – with no irritating audio lag – so if one of you wants to head to bed, simply switch the bluetooth to headphones. That way, if you want to watch TV you won’t wake the whole motorhome.”

Avtex TV’s are multi-voltage, and turn off completely when you’re not using them


Apollo Entertainment was founded in 2009. After initially specialising in TVs, Apollo now sells a range of RV accessories, including hydraulic levelling, lithium batteries, solar technology and e-bike racks. Owner Duncan Macmillan got his electronic expertise when he served in the Royal New Zealand Navy, specialising in electronic warfare.

After leaving the Navy in 1995, Duncan moved to the marine industry, where he supplied form navigation for superyachts. “I sold my first plasma screen back in 2012 for $25,000. A lot has changed since then; back in the day I used to build my own TVs but now we work with overseas designers and manufacturers to bring tomorrow’s technology to today.”

Apollo has exclusive rights for the Avtex WebOS platforms across New Zealand and Australia; ask your local RV dealer for more information on WebOS and Avtex smart TV options.

Apollo Entertainment is the exclusive distributor for Avtex WebOS smart TVs across Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on Apollo Entertainment and Avtex WebOS TVs, visit


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