Kiwis Set Up Camp for ‘National Staycation Day’

Whether in caravans, classic cars or a humble tent, Kiwis camped out in their backyards for the second annual Staycation Day launched by Caravans & Classics.

During last year’s nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, it’s safe to say the entire country was going stir crazy. In a bid to break up the monotony of the lockdown, locally owned business Caravans & Classics encouraged Kiwis to take part in a ‘National Staycation Day’ on April 18th 2020 by holidaying in their own backyards. 

So many Kiwis have amazing caravans, camping gear and outdoor equipment, and so the team at Caravans & Classics decided that being shut at home was no excuse to not use what we have.

Kiwis take part in Staycation Day 2021.

While the first ‘Staycation Day’ was supposed to be a one-off event, the current lockdown prompted the team to invite Kiwis to have some fun in their bubbles and go camping in their backyards once more.  

On Saturday, 4th September, over a hundred families from all around the country set up their caravans, motorhomes, teardrops, pop-tops and tents in their backyards, front yards, driveways, paddocks and garages.

“Thankfully the weather gods were kind to the entire country. It was an absolutely stunning day which allowed families to have some amazing camping setups and plenty of cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the BBQ,” says Mike Walters of Caravans & Classics.

“It was around lunchtime I started to receive several queries from participants asking “What time is Happy Hour?” My response was simple ‘On Staycation Day, Any Hour is Happy Hour!'”

Kiwis took part in the event from all around the country.

The 2nd Annual Staycation Day Initiative was a great way to remind Kiwis to stay positive and look for fun ways to pass the time during the Covid-19 shutdown. 

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“Everyone had been at home for quite a while so we created this initiative to help families amuse the kids and enjoy a change of scenery, even if it’s only a few feet from their back door.”

To celebrate, there were also several prizes kindly donated by NZ Petrolhead, Motorhomes Caravans & Destinations Magazine and AutoIgnite, which were given out to several lucky winners. 

If you missed out this time around, never fear – Caravans & Classics had such a great response from so many people from all over New Zealand that they have decided to make Staycation Day an annual event, whether the country is in lockdown or not. 

To see more photos of the event check out the Staycation Day NZ group on Facebook.

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