Coachman Laser 675 Review

Stately by name and built to last, Peta Stavelli finds much to admire in the Coachman Laser 675 from Gateway Caravans.

As the company name harking back to more traditional methods of construction implies, the Coachman has more of a luxury craftsman feel than many of the mass- produced caravans on the market. In fact, Coachman’s vehicles are produced in reduced numbers to retain control of the construction process, and the UK-based company stakes its reputation on quality control throughout the build process.

Tradition certainly plays a part – especially in terms of quality – when it comes to production, but Coachman has also continued to move with the times, constantly tweaking the construction method to improve structural integrity. The caravans are built using Advanced Bonded Construction to create a robust and durable vehicle specifically designed to reduce any likelihood of water ingress. The company backs its own product, offering a 10 year water-ingress warranty as standard. This impresses those of us who’ve been around for a while, because we’ve seen first-hand the damage inferior product and unscrupulous dealers can do to the industry as a whole.

Coachman sofas are built with all the structure you would look for in a lounge settee for your home

All go to tow

Gateway Caravans in Whakatāne is the exclusive New Zealand agents for Coachman Caravans. They’re proud of the range, which is multiple award- winning in the luxury caravan category, including manufacturer of the year. In 2022, Coachman won another two gongs to add to the extensive list of trophies; this time for best high-end caravan, and also the best caravan for couples in the UK.

Melissa Growden and her husband Craig are the directors of Gateway Caravans. Melissa is on hand to show me the finer points of the vehicle and offer some personal insights. Melissa grew up rurally and is no stranger to towing vehicles. Yet, when she first picked up a Laser for towing, she was astounded by how smooth it was on the road. “It’s the best I’ve ever towed,” she says, adding, “and I’ve towed a lot.” A recent female customer agreed. She took the Laser out for a towing test, mostly to assess her own abilities. Returning to the lot with a big grin, she announced, “I’m sold”.

As a side note, Melissa is seeing a lot more women who are first-time customers. She says technology like motor movers (Gateway also sells these) have removed the issue of extra strength needed when moving a caravan, and she’s “all about girls doing everything” – an attitude she lives by example.

The retractable island bed and full-width rear bathroom make for a luxurious retreat

The vehicle at hand

Melissa showed me to the 2022 Coachman Laser 675. First impressions reveal a muted colour palette, with an interior flooded in light from multiple skylights throughout. The view through from the living spaces to the island bedroom offers a sense of calm refinement. The east-west island bed is retractable and this sensible feature creates an increased sense of spaciousness for daytime living throughout. It has often been said that couples who plan to spend most of their time alone on the road should still buy a four-berth vehicle, and the Laser 675 impresses me as the perfect example of this.

Route To Adventure

The (extremely comfortable) rolled- front settees convert to another double bed for guests, but if there are just two of you, there would be a wealth of comfortable living space to enjoy.

This bathroom has plenty of room for a good- sized shower, vanity and basin, and a toilet

Rear bathroom

I’ve always been a fan of a rear bathroom in a recreational vehicle for the simple reason that it affords such a generosity of space, spanning the entire vehicle width. This vehicle is a fraction wider than normal and the bathroom design creates a sense of privacy that does not in any way diminish from the sense of spaciousness overall. In this instance, the toilet and shower cubicle are at opposing sides with a wall- basin in between. Once again, light from an overhead skylight floods the space, and this is augmented by the careful use of reflective surfaces and clever use of LED lights. The shower is a fantastic size for an RV, and the bathroom even has a heated towel rail. I was very impressed with this design; in my opinion it’s one of the key features of this vehicle.

Island bedroom

Anyone who has spent a fair bit of time on the road can appreciate the runaway benefits of an island bed, as opposed to a French bed. The latter is space saving, but the clever design of the retractable bed in this vehicle beats that hands down, in my opinion. I recently endured months with a frozen shoulder. This rendered me useless for making the bed (oh dear, what a shame) and I am sure that this design would have been easier to use in every respect. The added bonus is that this clever feature allows for wardrobes on either side; and there’s an additional corner cupboard as well. Plus, the bed lifts on gas struts to reveal a large storage space that can also be accessed from outside.

The keen cook will really enjoy this kitchen

Cooking and entertaining

Some of the best features of this kitchen are not on display; for example, the dovetail joints on cabinetry, which are a further testament to craftsman detail. I also like the user-friendly double-hinged door on the large fridge-freezer and the ALDE hot water and central heating system with multiple vents throughout. And there’s a wee discreet hot spot for charging your mobile devices, plus a Pioneer stereo with AM/FM; Bluetooth, USB, DAB/DAB+ and Spotify. DAB – for those of us who need a little coaching in techno-speak – is simply digital audio broadcasting. I also love the touch dimmers for the LED lights.

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The keen cook will really enjoy this kitchen. It’s very sleek, and I would imagine easy to use, with a welcome, very generous bench addition; sink cover and four burner gas/electric hob with oven and grill; as well as the aforementioned generous fridge-freezer and plenty of drawers, cupboards and lockers to augment storage.

A full-size oven and grill has three gas and one electric hob

Lounging around

I sat on the bench sofas, which convert to a second double bed, for a good while taking notes and chatting with Melissa, so I can attest to their comfort. This type of lounge construction, which is more bespoke and leads to superior comfort, was pointed out to me many years ago as something the Brits do really well; and it’s the sort of quality we look for when we buy a sofa for our homes. These ones also come with scatter cushions as standard, which is a nice touch. The table top is demountable and easily stowed, and – as with the rest of this caravan – light pours into the space from overhead and also from the four-part window design, which comprises three front windows and a full- width window above these. All of the windows are double-glazed and the overall vehicle carries a grade-three insulation rating.

The discreet hotspot for charging mobile services

What lies below

When people talk about the ease of towing these days – as compared with the not-so good old days of caravanning – it’s the sense of security that comes with AL-KO automatic adjustment (AAA) brake systems and the new Automatic Trailer Control systems. These really make the difference, as I first experienced one evening when I slipped off the very deep tar shoulder of a country road on to loose gravel. I instantly felt the automatic correction of the vehicle come into play like a guardian angel, saving me from what would once have been a potentially disastrous situation.

The Laser 675 is also dual axle, which makes sense for a well-constructed vehicle of this considerable length. Upgrades include fitted fresh and grey tanks and a chat with the team at Gateway will help you choose the best options.

Highlights of the Laser include its robust construction

In Summary

There’s a lot to love about the Laser. Highlights for me include the robust construction, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen designs; so I guess you could say that the overall conclusion for me is that this fine vehicle would make a great easy-tow tourer.

Floorplan 2022 Coachman Laser 675
MAKE & MODEL:2022 Coachman Laser 675

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