Video: Sapphire Caravan

With their compact design and iconic retro appearance, Lilliput caravans hold a special place in the hearts of Kiwi caravan enthusiasts – perhaps none more so than Tina Hackett and Richard Mason.

The couple are avid collectors of all sorts of things, but their most prized collection is a set of four Lilliput caravans. Each has been lovingly and authentically restored and refurbished (with one still a work in progress) to match the era of each caravan.

“The biggest drawcard for us is the fact they’re Kiwi made. We’re very dedicated to all things Kiwiana, especially when it’s something that tells a story. And the Lilliput story had us hooked – these little caravans really are the ultimate New Zealand icon, and each one has its own interesting history,” says Richard.

Lilliput caravans were manufactured in New Zealand during the 1960s and 70s by coach builder Bruce Webster and later, John Rolfe. The name ‘Lilliput’ came from Bruce’s young son Paul, who at the time was reading the classic tale Gulliver’s Travels.

With their characteristic retro appearance, Lilliput caravans remain very popular, especially given their compact and easily towable size and meticulous design.

Meet ‘Sapphire’ – 1964, 12ft

Watch the video above to see a closer look at ‘Sapphire’ – one of Tina and Richard’s beloved Lilliput caravans. Built in 1964 and measuring in at 12ft, this is the oldest and most luxurious caravan in their collection.

“She originally had an aqua-green exterior accent, but we repainted the side flash and fender skirts to a rich blue to match the Holden ute she’s paired with.” And as a finishing touch, Richard added tinted blue windows.

Travel 'Pawtners' Through Thick And Thin

To see the full collection and read the whole story, click here.

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