Rolleston Caravans

Behind the brand: Rolleston Caravans

When Lucy and Sergey Shushin imported their first UK caravan some 11 years ago for their personal use, they had no idea they were embarking on the first step of their future business

Fast forward more than a decade and the couple are helping others explore New Zealand with confidence, thanks to the creation of their successful business, Rolleston Caravans, on the outskirts of Christchurch.

Lucy and Sergey have built on their own experiences as caravan owners to forge Rolleston Caravans.

Offering the popular Hilltop Caravans and KiwiLine Teardrop, as well as on-site workshops for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, the Rolleston team also takes enormous pride in providing excellent after-sales support. The business works alongside COVI and Star Insurance and can do new policies with these companies and repair work with most insurance companies.

“COVID pushed us to explore new boundaries leading to a switch over from used UK-made caravans to brand-new rigid ones, including Melbourne-made Hilltop Caravans. It also led us to start manufacturing KiwiLine teardrops, making sure we can provide a touring companion of any size.”

Having moved to New Zealand from Russia 15 years ago, Lucy and Sergey wasted no time exploring and getting to know every corner of the country. The pair have adventured extensively in a variety of caravans, with each trip adding to the combined knowledge of what makes for the ‘ultimate’ caravan and how to ensure hassle-free travels.

Motueka remains a firm favourite with the pair returning to this spot every year for the last seven years. They also reckon there aren’t many waterfalls they haven’t visited in New Zealand – another favourite to discover.

Life on the road: AJ Bertelsen
Rolleston Caravans
Lucy and Sergey Shushin from Rolleston Caravans in the spacious lounge of their Hilltop Thredbo, which has travelled from Bluff to Nelson

“We originally travelled in all sorts of ways: tenting, motels, campervans and caravans.

“We rented motorhomes and caravans before deciding to purchase, and then our ongoing journey to find the caravan that worked for our lifestyle saw us continually learning about brands available, as well as understanding what people were looking to prioritise in their caravan,” says Lucy.

“Because of our travels, we’re well equipped to help others find what they need to enjoy their travels and do our best to help newbies choose their first caravan, accessories, etc.”

The fact that everyone’s journey is unique to them is part of the reason Lucy and Sergey explored Hilltop Caravans before taking on the brand in 2022. Having the ability to customise each caravan order is a definite positive, whether it’s small touches, such as moving the placement of kitchen appliances to adjust road suspension or internal height (up to 2.1 metres) for tall caravan owners.

“Hilltop ticked all the boxes. It’s a well-established Australian brand, with owners who place a lot of importance on quality build, looking after every customer, as well as its after-sales service.

“That was important to us. We share the same goal of going above and beyond to look after our clients.

“Being so highly customisable means customers can create their dream caravan and we love being part of this journey.”

Rolleston Caravans
The newly arrived Hilltop Hotham Peak

While Lucy and Sergey’s current mode of travel is the Hilltop Thredbo, they’re excited to launch the newest offering from Hilltop – the Hotham Peak, boasting a well-thought-out design, including a side club lounge and a large rear bathroom with a wardrobe.

DIY Basics

Following in the footsteps of Hilltop Caravans Australia, which recently hosted a massive reunion event for Hilltop caravan owners, Lucy and Sergey are running a similar event on 16 November in Blenheim, with all Hilltop owners invited to attend.

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