Jayco Silverline review

Introduced in 2014, the Silverline range of caravans by Jayco is in its sixth year of production. This year’s model has two changes that are significant;chassis and suspension upgrades that result in weight savings of 100kg, and the introduction of smart technology for RVs, including Amazon’s personal virtual assistant, Alexa.



Jayco have done away with the access hatch on the front of the Silverline models. The space up front is still used for storage, but it is now accessed from the sides, not the front. On the driver’s side an LPG locker for two 9kg bottles mounted on a slide-out tray occupies around a quarter of the space.

A slide-out for the kitchen sink and hob (lower) and storage (upper)

The rest is taken up with a slide-out kitchen bench complete with a twin hob LPG cooktop and sink, plus a separate slide-out storage tub, both accessed via a kerbside hatch. Further aft on the driver’s side is a 540mm slide-out for the queen-size double bed.

More about that later. Mounted on the rear panel above the lightweight tube bumper is an optional two-cycle bike rack. Above that is a pair of rearview cameras.

Kerbside features include a large electrically powered Carefree awning, a foldout picnic table, a hatch to access storage under the settee and an entertainment unit that includes a flexible arm TV mount, 230-volt power, plus TV and audio connections. Separate exterior speakers are mounted just under the awning.

Down below

The Silverline 21.65-3 rides on a Jayco hot dip-galvanised steel ‘Endurance’ chassis, fitted with Jayco’s JTech 2.0 Independent Coil suspension. This trailing arm coil suspension allows the wheels to act independently, reducing towing stresses and improving stability.

No axles across the van means better ground clearance and a smoother ride. Fitted with the AL-KO ‘Electronic Stability Control’ (ESC) stability system, the Silverline should be safer and provide a softer tow than vans on conventional beam axles.

Design improvements to the chassis and suspension mean this Silverline is around 100kg lighter than previous models, a better ride, easier to tow and with improved fuel economy. The alloy body frame and dent-resistant fibreglass exterior cladding remain the same as before.

First impression

Jayco’s ‘studio apartment’ on wheels

Space. Lots of it. On entering, the U- shaped lounge is to the left at the front of the van’, the kitchen is opposite and the bedroom and washroom are to the right, past the fridge/freezer at the rear of the van.

With the slide-out deployed there is a half-metre-plus-wide accessway past the foot of the bed. This diminishes to 300mm if the bolster is used to increase the length of the bed.

A curtain isolates the bedroom from the front of the van

The interior decor is understated and calming, with coffee-coloured leather upholstered cushions, ivory lacquered drawers and doors, brown timber-grain patterned cabinetry, white walls and ceiling and timber plank patterned floor coverings. A neutral base waiting for an owner’s personal touch.

Have a seat

The dining room has an all-round view

The lounge area should appeal to most Kiwi RVers. It occupies the prime spot at the front of the van, with windows on three sides for a good all-round view. It will seat four easily and half a dozen at a pinch around the permanently mounted table.

The leather-clad seat cushions are firm and well-shaped, with a comfortable slope angle on the back cushion. Everyone sitting in the lounge can view the TV screen mounted beside the entry door.


There’s plenty of useful storage in the kitchen

It is a well-equipped kitchen with colour-coordinated components; an oven, microwave, sink and fridge/freezer all in matte black and right up there with current trends.

The sink is a trendy black matte

Below the bench are a host of storage options in the drawers and slide-out pantries, with more in the pair of cupboards above the bench. And don’t overlook the monster size 216-litre fridge. Lots more storage capacity there.


The washroom layout is a popular one, with the Thetford swivel toilet one side, the shower the other side and the handbasin in between. Discreetly tucked into the corner beside the toilet is a Sphere 3.3kg washing machine.

Having a shower stall of residential proportions on board an RV is a luxury. To add an endless supply of hot water is the stuff of pipe dreams for most RVers.

The Silverline 21.65-3, now fitted with the Nautilus instant hot water system, has both. But, to take full advantage of it, your van needs an external water supply and grey water disposal. So when it does, make the most of it.

Matte black applies here too, with the vanity handbasin and faucet along with the shower doorframe, the shower handpiece and mounting rail, the towel rail and toilet roll holder all having the fashionable finish. 

Ventilation is well taken care of, with an opening window behind the toilet, a small roof hatch above and a roof fan vent in the shower. A sliding door closes off the washroom from the bedroom. If push comes to shove, the bathroom is large enough to accommodate two people at a time.



Sliding the island bed out provides a half-metre-wide accessway past the bed

While it is not really a room, more a sleeping area, there is a curtain to close off the front of the van when the need arises. The queen-size bed has a premium innerspring pillow top mattress over sprung wooden slats, offering the prospect of an excellent night’s sleep.

The window at the head of the bed is just high enough to allow sitting up to read in bed, but only one side has a shelf for your morning cuppa. There are light switches and reading lights both sides of the bed.

Opposite the foot of the bed is a large window with cupboards below, a hanging locker to the left and a shelved cupboard to the right. On the side of this cabinet are the power and aerial connection points for a television. The mattress lifts, allowing access under the bed, but the house battery and other equipment occupy about half of the space below.

The verdict

Attention to detail makes this year’s Silverline the best yet. Both inside and out it has a cohesive style, is easy on the eye and very well presented. Congratulations to the Jayco team on this excellent caravan.





Silverline 21.65-3



Body length


Interior length


Travel length


Travel height


Interior height


Travel width


Fresh/Grey water

164L/ 82L


2555kg approx. depending on extras fitted.

Towball weight (approx)


Price as reviewed: $99,290 inc GST


  • The washroom with
  • its endless supply of hot water.
  • The smart technology.
  • The wonderful U-shaped lounge at the front of the ‘van


  • The tube bumper across the back. It won’t last. Something more robust, please.

The Silverling embraces smart technology for RV's 

Amazon Alexa

  • The 2019 Silverline range comes with a personal virtual assistant called Amazon Alexa, offering control of lights and obtaining information.

Winegard Wi-Fi Extender

  • This offers satisfactory connection to Wi-Fi with lower signal strength than is possible with mobile phones.
  • It maintains maximum security.
  • It offers enhanced ability to connect to 4G mobile internet.

Carefree Bluetooth Operated Awning (phone app)

  • This allows app control of the awning via Bluetooth.

RV 360° camera

  • The camera makes towing and parking much easier.

An app for Jayco’s JHub

  • JHub is Jayco’s exclusive portable control panel.
  • Use the app to remotely monitor the water tank and battery power levels.

For more information call Jayco Auckland, 53 Springs Road, East Tamaki, ph 09 2713434

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