Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review

Dreamline Lux FD Caravan Review

As an on-road caravan, the five-berth Dreamline Lux FD family bunk caravan has a lot to offer in regard to luxury, specifications and features, says Randall Johnston.

The Dreamline series is Australian-manufactured JB Caravans’ first serious foray into the on-road caravan market. Considering this, they’ve done a good job at adapting to this segment of the market, judging by this. It’s still built on a full chassis, unlike some of the British brands, but has AL-KO rocker suspension just like a traditional caravan build.

The Dreamline Lux range consists of ten different model options, three of which are single axle. They all range from 16ft to 22.6ft long, sleep anywhere between two to five people and include a range of different layout options.

As far as first impressions go, the Dreamline Lux 22’ Family Bunk model impresses pretty quickly as a modern and spacious unit that would satisfy even the experienced tourer and accommodate a family with ease. Dealer Danny King of D&E Outdoors in Ashburton says demand for brand new caravans has been considerable nationwide; I was lucky enough to get a look through a very tidy family bunk model at his dealership recently, which was much appreciated as the team had been very busy in the few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The Dreamline Lux has a practical interior ideal for families

General layout/décor

The Dreamline Lux design manages to merge good styling with top-tier appliances and equipment. It has a few designer touches, an inviting interior, modern styling, and some high-level specifications (including things you wouldn’t expect such as a filtered water tap in the kitchen). Its practical layout makes it ideal for families, and for those looking for something spacious and elegant. Soft-close doors throughout also help to reduce wear and tear – this is a caravan that will withstand heavy use.

The exterior looks sleek and modern, and the silver and grey is anything but loud. It will also help to deflect the sun and keep the interior cool in the hotter months. The lockable fly screen door with security mesh is a must for summer touring, especially with kids coming in and out. The fold-down external picnic table is a nice touch too.

Inside, the décor is bright and modern, with a trendy dark grey finish, and the layout is simple and intuitive, with all non-functioning areas reserved for storage space; the sheer amount and size of storage space on board is a real plus for families. There are storage areas within reach of any position you may be located, with the main bedroom at the front, kitchen and dining area in the middle and generously-sized bunk beds for two, opposite the bathroom at the rear.

The BMPRO 30 battery management system just inside the front entrance gives you full control over all on board functions and power and gas levels.

Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The interior is ultra modern in shades of black, white and grey

Dining area

The dining area is spacious for a family unit, and an abundance of windows make it well-lit, so you can make the most of those sunny summer days.

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The grey coloured panels give the dining area a very modern look and style that will not date in a hurry. In keeping with modern family needs, there are plenty of traditional and USB power points, and the blue and white (night and day) lights are great additions for those who enjoy the ambience and comfort of adjustable lighting.

The dining seats are comfortable and the space between the orientation-adjustable dining table and seat is ample. This dining room seating area also converts into the ‘fifth’ bed by pushing the table down; adjustments are easy.

There’s a stereo (complete with a CD player for those still collecting) to enjoy your favourite tunes, a 240-only reverse cycle heat pump and air conditioner for warmth in winter and cool air in summer.

Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The dining area is comfortable with plenty of room around the table


Appointed in the middle of the caravan, the kitchen includes a four-hob stovetop, (three gas-powered and one electric), grill, and full-sized oven with a concealed rangehood so you can easily make meals that require more than basic facilities and will satisfy the family after a busy day out.

The kitchen and stove top area is well lit, providing additional visibility, while the kitchen rangehood, with a washable filter, allows powerful fan extraction to keep the caravan cool and ventilated while you’re cooking up a storm. The large slide-out pantry is a handy addition, and the stainless steel sink with a dedicated drinking water spout that runs through a filter, is a pleasant and quite unexpected high-end addition.

The full-height, 170-litre, three-way Thetford refrigerator (which can switch between gas, 12v or 240v while travelling), full house-style microwave and functional bench space all add to the convenience of this impressive kitchen. There is also a kitchen window, which gives the kitchen a more open feeling, and is also a good functional addition. A smoke alarm, gas detector and fire extinguisher all come as standard safety features here.

Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
There’s plenty of room for supplies in the 170-litre fridge freezer
Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The big oven and stovetop allow for creative cooking

Main bedroom & bunks

In the main bedroom, the queen-size fixed bed is very comfortable (this unit has the pillow top mattress upgrade, but inner spring mattress is standard). The leather-look headboard certainly looks the part too. There’s a huge storage space under the bed for tucking things neatly away. The bedroom itself is generously sized with large windows on either side and a sunroof. Double glazed windows with fly screens are a welcome addition throughout, especially on those frosty mornings and cooler nights.

The main bedroom boasts a 24-inch flat screen television with Sky card insert as standard (this model comes with a manual satellite as standard, auto-satellite is an optional add-on) and plenty of traditional and USB power points within close proximity to the bed.

In the rear, top and bottom bunks have comfortable mattresses, separate reading lights for each, double 240v outlet power points and the all-important USB hub for those beloved phones and tablets. Magazine pouches and large, deep storage areas near the head area of each bunk bed top it all off. There are a few handy soft-close storage drawers near the bunks too. The ladder is sturdy and super modern looking. There are two-stage reading lights for each here, at the head of each bunk bed, and ample spot lighting throughout the caravan.

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Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The bedroom is generously sized with large windows to let light flood in
Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
Bunk beds are popular and practical


The full-size shower with two-stage lights (night light and white light) and the Thetford fully ceramic toilet are well-positioned, with plenty of room between the shower, toilet and vanity – a design consideration that people of regular, modern-day proportions will appreciate. There are also separate extractor fans in the shower and bathroom/toilet area. The bathroom lights can be activated from the main bedroom – a godsend for those of us who find they need to go at least once during the night!

Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The bathroom is well appointed and spacious
Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
There’s plenty of room in the full-size shower

The tech details

This caravan has been fitted with the Wi-Fi Elec-Brake system, which is mounted on the drawbar; there is also a remote to adjust your brakes up and down on your tow vehicle dashboard.

It also has breakaway chains and a Trail-Safe breakaway unit to stop the caravan if it comes away from the tow vehicle. It also has stability control as standard, built on a tough AL-KO Rocker 3.2-tonne/Dexter 2.5-tonne suspension, and Supagal chassis.

Caravan park power hook up, fresh water mains pressure hook up, water hose, awning tool, jack, wheel brace and speed brace for stability needs are all included in the package. A rear-view camera is an optional add-on.

Stability legs are on all four corners, and one 95-litre fresh water tank and one grey water tank of the same size come as standard.

The caravan comes with a single solar panel and battery as standard, but upgrading to include extra batteries and solar panels are offered as options. There is an outdoor Anderson plug for a solar blanket to charge the battery.

You can bring the television out from the bedroom and mount it on the exterior of the caravan to catch the Black Caps in full swing, or stage a mini-concert as dual speakers on the passenger side pump out the hits. The retractable front entry step with light will be appreciated for those with limited mobility.

Spot of rain? Just extend the 2.3-metre awning and all is well in the world.

Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The Dreamline Lux includes AL-KO suspension and a Supagal chassis
Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Caravan Review
The TV can be mounted on the exterior for outdoor entertainment


The Dreamline Lux is a modern and well-designed caravan, especially from a manufacturer traditionally more known for its off-roaders. The layout is super-functional, safety has been made a priority and more than a few high-end features come as standard, which will go a long way towards winning over discerning buyers.

The addition of a full-size refrigerator, full-size oven and exterior entertainment options adds to an already attractive package, making this unit a real contender for those in the market for a family
friendly caravan.

Dreamline Lux FD Family Bunk Specifications




AL-KO Rocker 3.2 tonne/Dexter 2.5 tonne




2-inch (optional)




AL-KO 50mm ball coupling



Tyres 235/75 R15 LT MPC 27


Black silver 15 alloy

Price: $116,995


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