VW Getaway

  • It is now common for rental companies to upgrade their vehicles before putting them to market
  • Price is now more competitive with similar models
  • This VW Getaway has an extra-long wheelbase and 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine
  • The interior has been reconfigured to give additional seating and storage space
  • Any signs of excessive wear has been repaired or replaced
With the second-hand market now more competitive than ever, rental companies have changed their policies from merely dumping the pensioned-off vehicles on to the retail market “as is”, to completely upgrading them before they are released for sale. They also make complete service records since new available and the price has now become more competitive with similar models. The motorhome under review was supplied by the Maui Group of companies in Mangere, Auckland, and is typical of the standard of upgrade being undertaken by the company for almost all of its units placed into the second-hand market. This high-roofed model, a 2003 VW Getaway two-berth unit, was the mainstay of the Maui fleet for over three years. This is VW’s extra-long, wheel-base model measuring 6.4 metres. The exterior includes a four-metre wind-out awning with additional roof supports. The vehicle runs a 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbo diesel engine producing 80kW (109bhp) with 240Nm of torque, which means it has very good low-speed acceleration. It has five forward gears in the manual gearbox and is coupled with ABS. There is an airbag on the driver’s side. This basic cab layout has a good range of driver seat adjustments. However, there is no steering wheel adjustment. The windows are wind-up and there is good visability through the rear view mirrors. Air conditioning is included. The usual walk-through layout has been changed to give additional seating at the rear and this, in turn, has added more storage space, which is accessible either from inside or through the rear-opening doors. The motorhome can be set up as a two-single-bed unit or, with the use of the removable table, as a large double bed unit. All upholstery has been re-worked, carpet has been replaced, any sign of excessive wear has been repaired and the general standard of the motorhome has been brought back to near-new condition. In the kitchen area there is a two-burner, gas cooker and grille and an externally vented range hood with a light included, a stainless steel bench and sink combination sits above a two-way (12-240-volt) fridge, and a 240- volt microwave is in the same working area. A 22-litre gas hot water system is part of the fully pressurised water system supplying the cooking area and the shower. There are eight internal cupboards and drawers, with additional storage under the bed. The original van lights are located in the centre of the body ceiling, with six additional strip lights placed at convenient positions in the upper walls of the home. A 15-inch flat-screen 12-volt TV is part of the resale specifications and a CD/ radio is fitted in the driver’s compartment and this could be wired to produce music through the TV. A number of 240-volt three-pin plugs are in appropriate places throughout the home. In the ablution department there is a cassette toilet and shower and there is a solar vent to remove condensation and odours. The windows throughout the motorhome (except in the driver’s compartment) have been tinted. There is also a complete set of curtains that affords more privacy. The rear door windows are heated and two roof vents provide light and air flow. This refurbished 2003 VW motorhome comes with a full unconditional 12-month warranty and is priced at what is regarded as the very competitive price of $44,395. It is New Zealand-new, not a converted import. All service records are available. See VW motorhomes for sale here. To read in-depth motorhome reviews, see the latest issue of Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations magazine, on sale now.
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