3 Dog Camper Trailer

At 300kg tare and 1000kg GVW, Bill found the 'Pup's' weight barely noticeable and the long drawbar made it a breeze to manoeuvre in reverse. Once the separate travel and storage cover was removed, folded and stored away, and the 'floor saver' groundsheet was laid beside the trailer, the tent was quickly raised. All-up, the total time from cover removal to completely pegged down was a leisurely ten minutes. Bill says the 'Pup's' interior light and airy, with two doors and four large windows providing plenty of light. All windows had an insect proof mesh sandwiched between a zip attached clear vinyl screen and a zip attached fabric curtain. He liked the fact that the bed can be made before leaving home, and the tent folded down on top of it, so it is ready to use as soon as the tent is up. The fully galvanised trailer was made by Prescott Trailers of Te Puke to suit the 3 Dog Camper Trailer. The long drawbar provides space to carry bulky items like bikes or outboard motors or you can fit a lockable storage box for tools. Bill’s thoughts + A lot of Kiwi-engineered components, including the trailer + Towable with the family hatchback + Easily upgradable with Drift kitchens, etc, available from 3 Dog - Not entry level quality, but then, not entry level pricing  
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