Light Years Ahead

Just launched in New Zealand, NARVA’s new Ultima 225 driving light is powerful enough to light up the road for around a kilometre ahead. It took three years of research and design by NARVA and Swedish automotive design and lighting experts to create the world-beating Ultima 225. The computer-generated Free Form reflector design complements the bulb to punch the light far out into the distance. The Ultima 225 comes with three bulb options: the standard Halogen, the Halogen Blue and the Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting in both 12 and 24-volt, featuring the latest D1 globes and Generation 5 ballasts. In standard format, the Ultima 225 delivers light up to 900 metres in pencil beam and around 800 metres as a wide beam. The Ultima 225 Blue is not just about delivering a crisp blue light; it also has a slightly higher performance over short to medium distances. Top of the range Ultima 225 HID delivers a pencil beam of light to more than 1100 metres with the wide beam version illuminating up to 900 metres. German-made D1 globes and Gen 5 Ballasts in the HID lamps deliver instant ignition and eliminate the slow start common with current HID lighting. Additional features include glare shields to screen stray light, durable polycarbonate lenses plus polycarbonate lens covers for additional protection, and the robust construction Ultima rotary cup mounting system to overcome vibration and frequency problems. The unique rotary cup also enables quick adjustment and lock down. Each lamp comes pre-wired with waterproof connectors and all kits feature a convenient user-friendly plug-and-play wiring loom, making installation a breeze for the DIY handyman. The new NARVA Ultima 225 is available from leading automotive accessory outlets throughout New Zealand.
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