Gas Vapor Monitor by CruzPro

The GD-20 Gas Vapor Monitor detects gas vapors at 10 percent, 20 percent or 30 percent of the concentration required for an explosion at the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). When it detects gas, the GD-20 built-in 85dB alarm will sound, and it will turn the solenoid off at the LPG cylinder. You can also turn your LPG solenoid on/off using the up/down buttons on the GD-20 monitor. New technology used by the GD-20 lowers the power required by the sensor when in the ‘continuously active’ mode. To save more power, the GD-20 can be programmed to wake up for a sniff every five minutes. It can also programmed to automatically turn off the LPG solenoid after one hour of use – no excuse for forgetting to do so yourself. A built-in self-test programme automatically checks the electronics, calibrates the gas sensor(s) and reports any problems, all in less than a minute. It will operate on voltages between 9.5v DC and 33v DC. The GD-20 comes pre-wired to one combination LPG/Petrol sensor with five metres of cable and a second sensor, purchased separately, can be connected. Each GD-20 is assembled and then tested with calibrated gas to ensure accuracy of the alarm trip point. Installation requires just a screwdriver. The GD-20 kit retails for $215.11 inc GST, and the optional second remote sensor (GD-27) retails for $84.09 inc GST. Note: Cruz-Pro have model GD-55 for those who require only a single sensor. This retails for $140.75 inc GST. For further information, or to locate your nearest reseller, contact CruzPro on 09 838 3331 or email and mention ‘Gearing Up’. Their website is
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