Food & Drink

This Sicilian dish is traditionally made using fresh tuna, but ultra-fresh kahawai is equally as delicious.
A well-made whiskey cocktail is the best way to relax after a busy day. Citrus is the ideal partner to whiskey, and a hint of woody rosemary completes the picture.
Summer may not have been too flash, but there are many delights to be had from the autumnal flavours available in March.
A bottle of vodka is the basis for any number of cocktails that can be made using local, seasonal fresh ingredients.
Nothing says summer like the first bite of a watermelon slice in the sunshine. These February seasonals are best enjoyed for their simplicity and flavour.
Most of us don’t carry a whole bar when we’re out and about – just a bottle of your favourite is enough to create plenty of cocktail options. If gin’s your thing, try some of these delicious drinks ideas.
Nourishing and refreshing, this tea makes use of the fresh dandelion flowers that grow everywhere. Said to be good for your liver and kidneys, dandelions are great for detoxifying and even reducing stress levels.
There’s nothing prettier than a salad that’s bursting with the flavour and colour of summer. Chives, borage, calendula, viola, nasturtium, lavender, rose, cornflowers and marigolds are all delicious to eat; find them in your local specialty grocery or just in a field!
Take your bread game to the next level with this amazing flavoured butter. There’s more to those bright fresh flowers than just gorgeous colours; some are just as good to eat as they are to look at.