Gin cocktail

Lammermoor Gin & Bare It Maniototo Tussock Gin

There’s a rich and fascinating legacy behind Lammermoor Distillery, nestled in the tussocky hills of Lammermoor Station in Central Otago.

While the brewery is steeped in nostalgia (with materials sourced from the land around it), it’s a rare operation dedicated to crafting from paddock to bottle. Lammermoor is one of the few distilleries to grow its own grain, malt, mash, ferment, distil, and mature on-site.

The barley is grown on the Station, the peat is dug up from the ground, the Manuka is harvested from the Maniototo, fresh spring water runs from the hills, and the barrels are sourced from local Central Otago vineyards. Even the spent grains from the distillery are recycled, feeding a herd of spoilt Berkshire heritage pigs.

And that’s before you even get to the artisan whisky and craft gin offerings. MCD mixologist Ben Groom enjoyed creating this fresh cocktail with the Lammermoor Gin & Bare It Maniototo Tussock Gin, citrusy but with a hint of juniper.


  • 30ml Lammermoor Gin & Bare It Maniototo Tussock Gin
  • Juice of half a fresh orange
  • Crushed ice
  • Topped up with Bundaberg Peach (to your preferred taste)
  • Garnish with an orange slice
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