Blueberry gin sours

Blueberry gin sours

There’s a unique pleasure to enjoying undemanding evenings when travelling by motorhome or caravan, particularly relaxing under the stars, with a platter of nibbles and a delicious cocktail or mocktail. Recently launched in New Zealand, the Mr Consistent range of cocktail mixers is a collection of alcohol-free mixers that transform into elegant cocktails or mocktails.

Beautifully balanced without requiring complicated bartending skills, these mixers mean you can enjoy a wide range of creations with fewer bottles of alcohol and mixers clinking around in your cupboards. Just add Mr. Consistent to your alcohol of choice or mix it with water or a non-alcoholic spirit for an instant luxe mocktail. Our fave is the Sours Cocktail Mixer, as it pairs perfectly with Amaretto, whisky, gin, or spiced rum. The full collection and more easy recipes can be viewed at

Blueberry Gin Sours

  • Pour 60ml blueberries (fresh, tinned, or puree) and 75ml of Mr. Consistent Sours mix into a shaker. Add 45ml of your favourite Amaretto or whisky.
  • Add ice. Shake vigorously.
  • Strain into your favourite glass. Service with dried fruit for some added pizazz.
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