A visit to Sunshine Coast in Australia

I had something in mind to write about this month; something important about RV camping in New Zealand. But, for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was.

Noosa -Beach

Hopefully, this is not due to the early onset of Alzheimer’s but to the fact that at this very moment, I am basking in the sun, and the joy of it has made me amnesiac.

This is especially so when I learn that back home shivering shocks of damp and cold are rippling through the country.

On the other side of Tasman, I am crisping up nicely, and in this delicious radiant warmth of the sun, all other thoughts seem to have fled. I don’t mean to be smug, of course. Well, just a little. 

Bill and I, you see, have just arrived in the Sunshine Coast, We’ve fled here after trying to sit out the winter at home.

In the caravan at Matauri Bay, we were nearly shoved off the planet by vicious winds that ricocheted off the cliffs. We tried to find succour in the Rainbow Falls Park near Kerikeri. The wind let up. The rain didn’t.

We fled to the west coast to the Kauri Coast Top 10 Holiday Park, which had always been warm and sunny before. The sky remained incontinent. I thought mould might grow in my hair. We couldn’t make the bathroom without showering first.

Not just little pitter-patter drips but great, big head-walloping thunder splashes that would take your eyeballs out if you happened to look skyward.

So I don’t feel we can be blamed for abandoning the caravan and deserting our sinking island. When the sky won’t stop snivelling, fleeing towards the sun is the best reason for travelling anywhere.

I know this because, as I write here in Noosaville (and I’ve only been here three days), I’ve found a considerable number of Kiwi RVers, who are sunning themselves on the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and several who own RVs in both countries.

We’d do it ourselves if we could afford to. Renting a motorhome here is also trendy. At this time of the year, booking holiday parks or campgrounds at popular beach areas here is essential, as they are stuffed full of sunseekers.

We are in an apartment this year; not too bad at all. I have written this and now am free to relax and do nothing under the sun.

Just pass the wine and pop another prawn on the barbie would ya, darl’?

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