The Covi SuperShow 2020

If there is one ‘downside’ to living life on the move, it’s that we often seem to find ourselves at the wrong end of the country when large, exciting events are taking place. So we were delighted to be in the right place at the right time for the recent 2020 Covi Motorhome, Caravan & Outdoor Supershow.

As Gareth and I were to discover, the term ‘supershow’ is no understatement. The largest motorhome and caravan event in the country is far bigger than we imagined. Held at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane, we arrived bright and early on the Friday and readied ourselves for a day of education, innovation and exercise.

So much to see

The TrailLite no reserve auction, a brand new Benimar Tessoro, which sold for $136,000

With over 400 different stands to browse, the hardest decision was knowing where to start. After nearly four years on the road, we are more than used to seeing plenty of tried and trusted brands such as TrailLite, Dethleffs, Jayco, Burstner, Auto-Trail and Rockwood on our travels and it was great to get a chance to inspect their most recent and popular models closely.

I was excited however to see several other brands I’d not heard of. Had I been in the market for an upgrade, I would have been steering hubby towards one of the Niesmann + Bischoff models. So sleek, streamlined and spaceagey, I would feel like Queen of the Road in one of these!

This Volkswagen camper has plenty of character

On the whole though, I love something with a little character and enjoyed checking out the Volkswagen campers. The SuperShow is also the perfect place to indulge your hobbies, with a terrific range of e-bikes and boats to stash on or in your motorhome.

It goes without sayingtoo, that there is no better place to pick up the best possible deal. With many retailers offering huge discounts off their regular prices, plenty of models were sporting ‘SOLD’ stickers even early on the first day.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect home on wheels, either for a leisure or full time, we recommend going early. The show was absolutely heaving with people well before lunch time.

Learn from the experts

From solar power to satellite dishes, there were experts on everything!

Gareth and I were as green as cabbages and did absolutely nothing by the book when choosing a motorhome and embarking on our new life on the road. I wished we had had the time and opportunity to visit an expo like this beforehand.

Everywhere you looked there were experts in their field and there were more than enough able advisors to go round. With free seminars on offer, there was plenty of opportunity to go and learn more about particular subjects of interest, from batteries and charging systems and technology on the road to a buyer’s guide to purchasing an RV.

For those looking for extended or full-time travel, nomad extraordinaire Karen Nisbet (aka Travelling K) shared her favourite tips for making life on the road easier. And for those wanting to travel even further afield, there was also a talk on travelling Australia in a motorhome.

For lovers of gadgets and whistles and bells, the SuperShow is a tech-head’s dream. All the latest in solar technology is on show and there was even a specialised drone for fishing.

Something for everyone

There was a huge amount of interest in all the motorhomes

As a small scale motorhomer, I was a little nervous prior to visiting the SuperShow. I was told it could be a bit of an elitist affair only for people with pots of money and an unlimited budget. But I quickly and pleasantly discovered that this isn’t the case at all. Sure, you can spend a couple of hundred thousand there quite easily if you want.

On the whole though, I wassurprised just how reasonably a lot of the motorhomes were priced, and particularly caravans. I realised that owning a beautiful, brand new motorhome didn’t have to be an impossible or far-off dream after all.

Not only that, there was a wide variety of other motorhomes and camping vehicles available to peruse as well, from tents of all sizes to an amazing seven-berth pop-top. Without doubt the most luxurious and comfortable pop-top I had ever seen.

For would-be van dwellers, VanLab is an exciting and creative company who design flat pack camper van conversion kits. It’s never been easier to hit the road – and be assured of meeting all the self-containment regulations at the same time.

The Lilliput display was delightfully colourful

You can even learn how you can make money from your motorhome when you’re not using it, thanks to the team at Mighway, ShareACamper and Camplify. Our last stop for the day was at Lilliput caravans, where we found a delightful array of retro models, proudly displayed in the sunshine.

What a perfect way to end a fantastic day! The first time I saw any of these iconic caravans was years ago at the Whangamata Beach Hop. Back then I had never imagined I would one day be taking to the open road myself, but seeing them now as a full-time nomad made me love and appreciate them all over again.

Who knows, maybe I’ve uncovered my next dream, to become a Lilliput owner? One thing I’ve learned is you should never say never! For anyone wishing to know anything about motorhoming big or small, I can now happily vouch that the Covi SuperShow truly is a must-visit. 

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