Swapping your RV’s incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes for LEDs is an obvious step toward easing the load on the batteries — but it also presents a sparkling opportunity to unleash your creative juices and stamp a little exclusivity over the vehicle. Lawrence Schäffler reports.
A re-upholstery project can instantly rejuvenate an RV’s tired interior, but there’s more to it than simply choosing a colour and pattern. Lawrence Schäffler outlines some of the basic issues you need to consider.
Three generations of the Croot family have been manufacturing Gipsy Caravans in Levin since 1951. Peta Stavelli talks to Robin Croot, who survived the storms of the ’70s and built a thriving business over a 40-year career.
If your RV doesn’t already have one, equipping it with a heating system will keep you warm, dry and comfortable during winter travels. The investment won’t flatten your bank balance and for competent DIYers, it’s relatively easy to install.
If you do what you love, you’ll love what you do. At home or work, Peter Bunting is happiest when he’s turning trash into treasure. His weekend wagon is a glowing testament to the craft.