Insurance: Get The Best Inside-out Protection For Your RV

Motorhome insurance

Just like with cars, motorhome insurance is not a legal requirement in New Zealand. But of course, with such a precious and costly investment, it is highly recommended. With the right insurance in place, you can enjoy your travels with the peace of mind in knowing that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

Motorhome insurance is a bit different to car insurance in that it is a blend between car and house insurance. Not only is your vehicle and all its parts covered (skylights, vents etc), but generally the standard factory installed furniture and gear is covered too, such as the fridge and stove, along with accessories that were fitted to the motorhome like solar panels, awnings and satellite dishes.

Motorhome Insurance Providers in NZ

Although many general insurance companies also offer motorhome insurance, there are two providers in New Zealand who specialise in RV insurance, Covi Insurance and Star Insurance. Specialist RV insurance providers understand the risk of insuring motorhomes better than non-specialist insurance companies. It also means that they can offer more extensive cover and lower premiums.

Types of Motorhome Insurance Cover

Both of New Zealand’s specialist providers offer comprehensive cover for motorhomes, caravans, fifth wheelers, and campervans. This means you’ll be covered for accidental damage by accident or fire, or theft.

Things like cover for additional contents (such as clothing or appliances), roadside assistance, and emergency accommodation vary between providers.

Motorhome Insurance Costs

Your motorhome or caravan insurance policy premium is based on a number of different factors. This includes driver history and the age of the driver (as is typical with other types of car insurance, it is more expensive for drivers aged under 25).

Insurance providers will also take into account the value of your vehicle, and the way you intend to use it - for example, whether you plan to use your RV for short-term holidays or for a longer period of time.

Every RV is different, and as such, finding the best motorhome or caravan insurance policy is about understanding your specific needs.

That’s why it helps to talk to the experts. Covi Insurance is administered by New Zealand’s official RV industry body, the New Zealand Motorhome Caravan Association (NZMCA). As a trusted RV insurance provider, they understand the needs of real RV owners. Find out more and get a quote at

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