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Arguably the most time-honoured of all cocktails, the secret to a classic martini – as with all great recipes – is to use quality ingredients. Good gin and good vermouth are essential here. After that: olives or lemon? Shaken or stirred? Stuffed olives with blue cheese or pimento? That’s up to you.
There are so many ways to serve this classic cocktail it almost needs sub-variant names. Serve as a shot with an oyster, Al Brown-style; go hard on the spicy sauce for a chilli kick… hey, you can even serve it with bacon!
This wonderfully soothing broth is delicious on its own, and it’s also the base for a host of other soups.
Wrapping your hands around a mug or bowl of hearty soup is a camping winter essential - and this easy recipe doesn't need any fancy ingredients to pack in a lot of flavour.
This hot cider is a true hug in a glass. Make sure you’re using heatproof glassware! Feel free to leave out the star anise if you don't like the flavour; a grating of nutmeg is a tasty alternative.
Blackberries and boysenberries are fantastic in drinks; they are even tastier if you went and foraged for your own!
This is my easy one-pan meal inspired by huevos rancheros (Mexican ranch-style eggs). It’s perfect for a brunch, lunch or dinner.
You can use any white beans in this easy hummus recipe from Sophie Merkens' new book Grow. Even better, it's easily made on the road!
This pesto recipe can be made using any greens you have on hand - store-bought or foraged - and is easily whipped up on the road.
Never argue with the kids about not eating their broccoli again! This cheesy bowl of deliciousness is so tasty, while also being packed with tiny trees of nutrition.
Hopefully just the name of the drink, not the weather outside, this famous cocktail originated in the Caribbean, land of rum and sailors.
Whisky and prosecco? Absolutely. The prosecco bubbles really help enhance the flavour of the whisky. If you've got a slice of lemon handy, adding a twist of citrus really finishes the whole thing off.