Fifth Wheelers

Fifth Wheelers

A 5th wheeler is an ideal option for those who want the convenience of a separate caravan with the stability of a motorhome.

Offering plenty of storage space and useful interior and exterior features, the right 5th wheeler can really feel like a home away from home. If you’re looking for a new or used 5th wheeler for sale, take a look at our range of listings from trusted RV dealers throughout New Zealand.

What to know before buying a fifth wheeler

There are many advantages to owning a 5th wheeler. It gives you plenty of storage options and ample living space, as well as the freedom to unhitch your tow vehicle and drive off to explore when you want to.

Due to the extra space freed up by the lack of cockpit, 5th wheel caravans also offer plenty of the comforts of home. For example, features such as a residential-style fridge and full-sized washer and dryer are typically easier to accommodate inside this type of RV.

Before looking at any 5th wheelers for sale, however, it helps to know what features you’re looking for and how this fits into your travel goals and budget. Reading plenty of 5th wheeler reviews will give you an idea of what’s out there, and talking to other 5th wheeler owners will help guide your search.

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