NZMCD Swift Celebration 560 Review

Swift Celebration 560 Review

Based on the Swift Challenger, this caravan is a step up in terms of luxury and features. Randall Johnston takes a closer look.

First impressions matter, and the Swift Celebration 560 certainly makes a good one. With features previously only available in top-of-the-range Elegance models, it would satisfy even the fussiest touring enthusiasts.

South Island Swift Celebration caravan retailer Daniel Yeoh of Infinity Caravans, in Christchurch’s western suburbs, says demand for brand new caravans this year has been huge in Canterbury. He was nice enough to give us a look through the very first 2021 model to arrive at his dealership.

NZMCD Swift Celebration 560 Caravan review
The Celebration combines great looks with high-level specifications

Layout and decor

Based on the Challenger range, the Celebration 560 combines great looks with top-tier appliances and equipment. Its high-level specifications, modern styling, designer touches and inviting interior make it equally suitable for couples or families. The decor is bright and modern, with a wood-grain finish.

The layout is simple and intuitive – the bedroom at the rear, bathroom in the middle, lounge at the front, and loads of storage throughout.


The lounge is spacious with large windows, including two skylights. The all-new, panoramic sunroof, with a soft-touch console, brings in even more light and ventilation.

The ‘Aralie Sen‘ wood-grain panels give the lounge a more elegant look than legacy models, and the seats are comfortable enough to doze on, should you be so inclined. There are plenty of traditional and USB power points, and the individually dimmable spotlights allow you to create a relaxed ambiance – a welcome feature for avid readers, and those who simply enjoy more subdued lighting.

NZMCD Swift Celebration 560 interior decor
The decor inside the Swift Celebration 560 is bright and modern

The two loungers are separated by a useful front-centre cabinet. Chrome lights on the high level lockers are another helpful addition here.

The upholstered ‘shark fin’ wall pads in the front seating area bring an additional layer of comfort, and complement the exclusive Celebration soft furnishings.

The full-width curtains are a welcome addition, covering double-glazed windows with fly screen protection. There is also a lounge mirror emblazoned with the slick Celebration logo. The upholstery has been updated on this model with grey, silver and all-new blue ‘headlights’ on the seating, cushions and wall pads. Dual Kenwood roof-mounted speakers put out a very balanced sound, perfect for a lazy afternoon relaxing to your favourite tunes.

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At the rear of the lounge, the kitchen includes a four-hob LPG Thetford stovetop and oven, allowing you to prepare meals that require a bit more finesse. The under-counter lighting enhances visibility. A vent allows powerful fan extraction and helps keep the caravan well ventilated.

The generously-sized refrigerator, microwave and large round sink add to the convenience, as does the cupboard space on either side of the microwave. The kitchen bench is large enough to be functional. There is also a window, which gives the space a more open feeling, and is a practical addition for calling to the kids at mealtimes.

NZMCD The kitchen inside the Swift Celebration 560
The kitchen includes a four-hob LPG Thetford stovetop and oven


The queen-size fixed bed is very comfortable, and the bedroom is generously sized, with large windows on either side and a sunroof. A larger headboard and wall pads have been added next to the windows, to ensure you don’t catch the curtains when passing.

There is a second digital aerial port for connecting a television, and plenty of traditional and USB power points near the bed. Long mirrors are fitted to the wardrobe doors on either side of the bed, and the wardrobes are surprisingly large.

Extra storage space can be found in secure compartments above the bed.

NZMCD Bedroom inside the Swift Celebration 560
The queen-sized fixed bed is very comfortable


Although a fairly modest space, the bathroom stretches the full width of the caravan, with a well-appointed mid-section. Many will like the fact that it serves as an ensuite, directly off the bedroom. The vanity is large enough; the high-pressure shower head will be appreciated after a full day of outdoor activity, and the toilet is comfortably situated to fit the space, unlike some units on the market.

NZMCD The bathroom inside the Swift Celebration 560
The ensuite bathroom stretches the full width of the caravan

Notable features

One standout is the ‘Swift entertainment pod’. Simply pull back a flap on the side of the caravan and you have a mount for a television, and the connecting cables. Pull up a camper chair and catch the latest cricket or rugby match live while on tour – you might even sell a few tickets at the camping ground, strictly BYO of course.

Another is the upgraded 100W solar panel on the roof, which should cut the bill back a touch.

The individually dimmable lights in the lounge are a bonus, too.

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The new Swift Command vehicle management system can be controlled via the 7-inch LCD above the main door in the lounge, or impressively via your smartphone from anywhere. Get the heater cranking on your way back from a hike, why not?

Security-wise, a Thatcham Category 6 approved pro-active tracker is pre-installed and can be enabled via annual subscription, for additional peace of mind.

An AL-KO wheel lock is included, with the option for a side jack and brackets (for twin-axle models), as well as an alarm with key fob for the awning.

NZMCD Swift Celebration 560 exterior
The new aerodynamic body has GRP sides, roof and floor making it lighter yet more robust


There is less wood in the new aerodynamic body, which has GRP sides, roof and floor, making it lighter yet more robust. Grade III insulation and top-of-the-range Alde wet heating provides warmth all year round. Extra rain guards have been fitted.

The vehicle is built on an AL-KO chassis, with an AKS 3004 hitch-stabiliser and an AL-KO Automatic Trailer Control (ATC) anti-shaking system. You can hit the road knowing the latest towing safety technology is on your side.

Heavier, rear-lockable corner steadies have been used on this model. Automatic gas changeover and a gas regulator in the gas locker come as standard.

The included Trauma Aquasource water mains connection means you don’t need a water master, if there is a water connection available. Bright, power-efficient LED awning lights save you up to 80 per cent battery life.

Overall the exterior looks sleek and modern, and the chrome-effect grab handles add to the high-end look.


The Swift Celebration is undoubtedly a well-designed caravan. The layout makes sense, and the incorporation of safety and modern technology goes a long way here. The addition of exterior entertainment and dimming lights tops off a really nice package. This unit is well worth a look for those in the market.

NZMCD Swift Celebration 560 Floorplan
Swift Celebration 560 Floorplan


  • Very light, plenty of windows
  • Fully featured and well-designed interior
  • Lots of storage space throughout
  • Comfortable lounge and bedroom


  • Kitchen bench/food preparation space is limited
  • No (traditional) dining table

Swift Celebration 560 Specifications


Make & Model

Swift Celebration 560






7540mm/2610mm/ 2230mm

Water: Fresh/Grey



2 x 9kg







Price: $81,995

For more information, visit

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